4 Reasons why Spring Aeration is a Bad Idea

Each year many of our customers request spring aerations. While special circumstances might require an early season aeration, they are not recommended for the regular maintenance of your lawn. Early fall is the proper time for aerating your lawn.

Here’s the top 4 reasons why we don’t recommend Spring Aeration:

  1. Aerating in the spring opens your lawn to disease.  The spring is an extremely moist time of year for your lawn. With moisture comes the potential for the spread of fungus and disease. When you aerate in the spring, it opens the roots of your grass to many different types of disease.
  2. Seed planted in the spring has a lower chance of survival.  Aeration is often done in combination with seeding. Seed planted in the spring rarely develops the strong root system and crown required to thrive during the hot summer months. When seed is planted in the fall, it has the full fall season, the winter dormancy, and the full spring season to prepare for the hot summer months.
  3. Spring pre-emergent herbicides will decrease germination rate.  If you’re serious about maintaining a beautiful lawn, you’re probably applying a pre-emergent in the spring. Because grass seeds germinate according to temperature, a beneficial pre-emergent treatment will kill most of your grass seed.
  4. Spring aeration increases soils exposure to weed seeds.  This time of year many different grassy weed seeds are looking for a good place to pop up. By poking thousand of holes in your lawn, you’re giving them just that.
Blake H.4 Reasons why Spring Aeration is a Bad Idea

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