Pro Turf Lawn Service Uses the Best Fertilizer

Helena Fertilizer

This is the Best Fertilizer on the market. Helena Fertilizer provides precision-formulated nutritionals that offer maximum efficiency and low-rate technology, while maximizing yield potential.

What we use
Fertilizer: Pro-Mate 20-0-10 Fertilizer
Pre-emergent/Weed Control: Barricade Pre-emergent with Prodiamine
Program: 7 steps recommended
Lanceolate with irregular lobes
Leaf Arrangement: Alternate
Root Type: Thick and long taproot, sometimes branched
Flower Color: Yellow

Pro Turf Lawn Service Uses the Best Fertilizer in the Industry

5 Step Lawn Care Program: Product Review

The Pros

Easily Accessible, Mass Distribution

There is no searching necessary, with the local hardware store probably carrying the product.

The Cons

Leaves gaps throughout the season

Most lawn care companies recommend six, if not seven applications of fertilizer throughout the year. While 5 step programs are better than nothing, six applications of fertilizer provides season-long coverage and food supplies for your turf.

Not Customized for Regions

5 step fertilizer programs are not region specific and can be applied to any soil in the country. To obtain optimum results, a region specific fertilizer should be used on a regular basis. Choose a fertilizer customized to the area where you live and the current weather patterns.

Needs To Be Applied at Certain Times

5 step products are all granular, including the weed control. Lawn care companies, such as Pro Turf Lawn Services, use liquid weed control so this is not necessary.

Weed Breakthrough Need Additional Applications

5 step fertilizing products with weed control do a decent job controlling most weeds. However, no weed control product can prevent EVERY weed from popping up. Pro Turf Lawn Services Year Long No Weed Guarantee allows you to call us to have weeds treated in-between treatments at no additional cost.

Blake H.Pro Turf Lawn Service Uses the Best Fertilizer