What is this weed?

This time of year there are a lot of different kinds of weeds emerging from the lawn. The easiest one to spot, dandelions, has the hallmark yellow headed flower. But if you snoop around the yard and take a closer look you may find some other interesting looking intruders in the lawn.

One of these weird looking weeds is actually not a weed at all, its bluegrass! Yep, the grass seed that you spent good money on last fall is now looking like some kind of baby-wheat-clone. The thing to know about bluegrass is that when the weather conditions are favorable, like they are right now, bluegrass will send up seed heads. There’s really not much you can do about it except for mowing. Weed control will do nothing to prevent or stop it from seeding. Keep in mind we do recommend mowing at regular intervals so as to not let the seed become fully mature.

The idea may pop in to your head to let the grass seed itself so that it can thicken up the lawn. This is a bad idea. The reason you don’t want to do this is because the energy used by the plant to produce the seed is very high, leaving it with no energy to repair normal damage and maintain a healthy root system. Bluegrass can spread to a certain degree using rhizomes and stolons using much less energy, which is preferred.

The good news is that this period of seed production usually doesn’t last very long and doesn’t cause any harm if mowed regularly. If you can’t stand the sight of it you can always start to seed with fescue blended grasses, as fescue will never go to seed. The scientists who develop grass types have come a long way with fescue, you can get a fescue blend of grass that can’t be distinguished from bluegrass to the untrained eye.

Pro Turf Lawn Service almost always recommends using fescue to reseed the lawn, even in a bluegrass lawn. We use the one of the highest graded fescue seeds on the market. Call us if you have any questions!

Blake H.What is this weed?

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